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List Serve Versus Blog Comment

When I sent the link to the post below (on Tauranga City library charges) to NZ-Libs, I had hoped that people would comment here 🙂 Alas it didn’t seem to work that way…

I have since sent the following email to the listserve:

As an aside, when the last few days discussions started, I posted a link to the blog where I had written something about the topic.

I had hoped that people would comment there as A: I didn’t want to clog people’s inbox’s with emails, and B: It’s nice to have comments on your blog 🙂

While we had a vast number of hits to the blog, we had very little comments, especially compared to what people sent to the list. I thought it was quite interesting as to where and how people are commenting. I wonder if this is a Kiwi Librarian thing, as Internationally library blogs are often full of comments.

Is it a matter of convenience or a lack of buy in to blogs?

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