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The 2006 LIANZA conference was a “talkin’ bout my g-g-generation” moment for me.

I can remember sitting in the audience with my hand proudly in the air as Stephen Abrams asked audience to respond with their participation in a list of key web technologies.

I can remember seeing a glimpse of the future as Michael Stephens delivered a talk from Illinois using voip (and if memory serves, a webcam) while Brenda Chawner relayed the audience’s responses to him via IM.

I can remember sitting down at the computer centre next to a guy using his PSP to sort the photos from his digital camera before uploading them to his flickr account. I can’t remember what I was doing but it was not quite but almost as 2.0. We spotted each other as like minds and started an enjoyable conversation that’s continued on in a most unhurried manner since. Currently Tim and I are swapping the occasional music videos thanks to youtube and he was recently kind enough to take the time to help me understand twitter a bit more. He’s still ahead of me on the digital front, and I suspect I always will be.

The whole time was heady, but my favourite memory of it was when after I wrote a snotty comment under a pseudonym on the conference blog Brenda thoroughly hacked me and sent a discrete email to my work account giving me a chance to come clean. There’s something about the nature of a geek that we enjoy being deftly caught when we’re being naughty, and if we’re good at it we turn it to inspiration.

And turn it I did. I came clean on the conference blog, put forward my ideas in a constructive fashion, and I’ve been trying to communicate my view of things to the profession ever since. Hence this effort.

I was always pretty much a geek of one sort or another – music, games, computers, books, but this one period of a few days turned me into an evangelist and a gadfly. So I’m wanting to hear from you good folks out there – even though this is a new thing we’ve had some interesting, challenging responses already. What’s made you a person with something to say on these matters that we talk about? What’s inspired you?


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bookchairWhy Blog?

When sitting down to write my first post for this communal blog I pondered a large number of topics. In the end I came to the conclusion that for my first post, rather than launching straight into a post on a particular theme, I should first address the elephant in the room. That elephant being the question why? Why blog? What do I wish to achieve by writing here in this format.

Let us look at the motivations for blogging in general. It seems to me that there are a number of reasons why people blog; they have an abiding passion for a topic which they wish to share, or they are blogging as part of a business strategy to promote a product or service, or they have a diverse number of friends spread over a wide geography with whom they wish to share parts of their lives. Maybe they just like the sound of keys tapping 🙂

I think the motivation for this blog is an abiding passion for libraries, and a wanting to share. On a personal level, I also think there is a dearth of communication between librarians, and hopefully this will fill a gap that I have seen for a long time. As a professional librarian in a small rural community there are not many opportunities to chew the fat with fellow professionals, and this will hopefully create a place to give us more opportunities to discuss and debate.

Therefore, what are the objectives that I see for this blog? Blogs are a communication tool, and the main objective I wish to achieve is communicating with fellow librarians about topics that are of interest. My dream as it is, is that we will develop a readership that comments on topics, thus creating a forum for debate.

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