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Yuletide Missives

Seasons greetings. My name is Michael and I am addicted to blogging.

With the holidays fast approaching, we move to the slow time of year for blogging.  People head off for a break, often without great access to the Internet. Although with the APNK system of free Internet in public libraries spread from one end of the country to the other, one is never that far from a terminal. However who wants to spend their break reading and writing professional literature?

I myself am holiday during week between Christmas and New years, and so this week I will be writing lots of posts for the Tararua District Library Blog, and scheduling them to come up during the break. Nothing startling, just a small flow of content to keep the blog flowing.

So with that in mind, I expect things around here to be a bit quiet for the next few weeks. I don’t think I will pre-prepare anything for here, but I may just pop a short note on if anything comes to mind. Off course with my blogging and writing compulsion in full force anything may happen.

So have a good holidays people, and remember be safe…  


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It’s only two months til Christmas… Panic! 🙂

Well, maybe don’t panic. But doesn’t the Christmas session seem to get earlier and earlier? Already the festive decorations are on sale, and adverts for schemes to make Christmas easier to pay are becoming more common on the television. Though it seems a bit late.

In public libraryland, coming across my desk for cataloguing are the first of the Christmas themed books, and we are starting the build-up for that dreaded behemoth, The Summer Reading Programme (we are one of the libraries that received funding from the Eastern and Central Community Trust to run the ECREAD’N programme). Soon we will receive our shirts and that feared time of year, the summer holidays, will be upon us.  

You may have guessed that I am not overly keen about this. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that having free Internet in the library brings the school kids in and that the summer reading programme helps promote reading to children, and infuses them with, hopefully, a joy in the written word. Well maybe an enthusiasm for giveaways. 😆

It’s just it gets a bit wearing constantly monitoring behaviour you shouldn’t have to, coupled with having to do a string of report-ins, means that by the end of summer, all those little jobs have been delayed, and one is just plain tired. [End of moan] 🙂

Seriously though, I do wonder at times if the programme has become a victim of it’s own success. It seems too large, with many librarians loosing the objective of encouraging children to read to a competitive desire to have skiting rights over how many kids have enrolled, and how many have completed. I do wonder how much the children get from the programme as they are rushed conveyer  like through the machine that the programme has become.

But anyway it’s 59 Days till Christmas… Panic!

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