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I have been to a few meetings around what various organisations are planning on doing for the Centenary of Word War I, one of which included discussions around a brand for the New Zealand celebrations. The idea around this brand is to help organisations tie together their activities so that there is a common platform for people to refer to.

ImageI was interested to see the following report coming out of Australia.

Australian govt may brand Anzac Day

The Australian federal government is reportedly looking to brand the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australia and New Zealand forces during World War I.

A market research company has been paid $103,275 to conduct focus groups nationwide last year on branding Anzac Day, News Limited reported.

“It is a political intervention which should be snuffed out immediately, not just because it’s a waste of money but because Anzac Day … (is) profoundly celebrated and commemorated,” former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett said.

A Department of Veterans’ Affairs spokeswoman told News Limited the concept for “a national brand or motif” came after an Anzac Centenary Advisory Board meeting on October 14.

She said the government was tendering for a design and that ideas would be focus group tested.

Victorian RSL boss David McLachlan would not comment until he had seen the plans.

I am not sure you could brand Anzac day, but if they are looking at something similar to what we were discussing then I don’t see what the problem is. I would need to see more details.


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A press release from LIANZA worth noting and celebrating 🙂

Today officially marks LIANZA’s centenary

In January 1910 the Dunedin City Council resolved to convene a conference of the representatives from Public Libraries of New Zealand for the purpose of discussing matters affecting the general conduct and management of libraries.

On 26th March 1910 the first library conference in New Zealand was held where 15 delegates from 7 libraries attended and formed the Libraries Association of New Zealand, now known as LIANZA.

This year marks 100 years of the Association and is a chance to celebrate many of LIANZA’s achievements including the introduction of formalised training for librarians and actively lobbying government for the development of library services in New Zealand, setting up of a National Library and providing books in schools.

Throughout this year there will be many opportunities for the profession to participate and share in national and regional centennial activities and celebrations culminating in the LIANZA Conference in Dunedin, the same city that hosted the first library conference and the Jubilee Conference in February 1960.

Planned Centenary Events

LIANZA has a number of events planned to celebrate the centenary and we will keep you up to date with details of other events as the year progresses:

  • LIANZA Centenary publication – the 100 year history of the Association has been written by Wellington writer Julia Millen and will be published later this year
  • LIANZA’s Centennial Conference: At the Edge in Dunedin from 28th November – 1 December
  • LIANZA Regions will be hosting centenary celebrations and events in your area – check with your local region for more information to assist with events
  • LIANZA Centenary Quiz – Mid-year the profession will be quizzed on the history of the profession in New Zealand
  • LIANZA Blog – The profession will be able to share stories, photos and details of celebratory events via the blog on the new LIANZA website

Call for photographs

LIANZA is seeking photographs from past and present members of the Association featuring LIANZA representatives, buildings, conferences, events and gatherings. We are especially interested in group shots and photos showing the changes to the profession over the years.

We would love to see your photos and, where possible, use them in the Centenary publication, on the Centenary blog and for slideshow presentations at the LIANZA Conference and other centenary celebrations.

Please dig out any photos you might have and send them in to the LIANZA office. You may wish to scan your images and email them as high resolution jpegs to megan@lianza.org.nz

If you would prefer to send in original copies, please ensure you provide your full return details so we can return the images to you once we have finished.

Further Information

For further information about LIANZA’s centennial plans contact your local LIANZA Regional Council or the LIANZA office.

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