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There appears to be a tendency these days for the laying off of professional library staff in a bid to save money.  Many of us know this is false economy.  A good cataloguer, for example, can save a lot of time and money.  If you need any arguments to prevent losing your professional cataloguer, have a read of this blog post, which in turn is copied from the cataloguer’s listserv Autocat.

Cataloguers’ champion emerges from Rhode Island

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An Interesting Subject

Juvenile or Children’s? That’s the question that was posted today on the list serve with regards to subject headings for children’s books. Currently we retain the official ALC headings as downloaded from Te Puna, which are “Juvenile”. Mainly because that has been the practice since before I arrived, and I had not really thought much of changing it. Evidently, other libraries will replace Juvenile with “Childrens” or “Teens” and one library is thinking of stopping that practice, while others thought it was standard practice.

I think that might be a good idea, even if it means a lot of work to make the changes retrospectively. I am not sure if the customers would notice, but lack of evidence is not an evidence of a lack. We havenot had any feedback saying it is a problem. My gut instinct tells me that if people are searching the catalogue for children’s books on say history, they are more likely to search “kids history” or “children history” than “Juvenile”. It is quite an antiquated word. Doing the research to back that up is a little problematic with our system and I am unsure as to the worth of doing it. Not enough data and the effort to get that data could potentially well out way the benefit of just doing it.

I suspect we will just have to go with the status quo, but still something interesting to think on at the start of the week…


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Hi Tim Spalding has put his Keynote up on youtube. This presentation was a highlight of conference for me. So here are the links.  Its well worth the time to view.

Intro, personal cataloging

Implicit social cataloging, tag mashes

Social networking, explicit social cataloging

Common Knowledge, Legacy Libraries, flashmob cataloging

LibraryThing for Libraries, “what does it mean for traditional cataloging?”, “what does it mean for libraries?”

“For libraries” continued

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