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Phoenix-FabelwesenA number of years ago myself and a number of colleagues starting this blog to write about library stuff. It was very much in the late early stages of Web 2.0 where we were all energised by the connectivity of the Internet. There was possibility in the air.

As you can tell by looking at the posts we had ran out of steam. Every now and then I come to the blog and read though and contemplate what went wrong. Did life just become to busy for us all? Was there nothing more to said? Is the library world that uninteresting? Or is it just we didn’t have anything to say.

Personally I am starting to blog again on my own blog, and as I do this I return to this blog. Is there things I can do? The answer is yes.

So I am going to attempt to blog once or twice a week again here. I’m not sure what I will write on but I’m going to turn my mind to it.


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It’s 6.15 pm Sunday night and I am checking the internet to se what’s happening out there. I cruised passed The Room of Infinite Diligence to the tones of Dolly Parton echoing from the Master 4’s room. I will always love you on repeat and very loud as he is supposedly going to sleep. That is competing with Double Share by Nathen Lowell belting out of Master 11’s room for the umpteenth time. Out from the lounge the “herself” is watching the living channel. The computer in the hallway is in a perfect space for all that lovely happy noise to converge. 😆 They are a good crew and it is a happy distraction.

Having spent a large part of the day writing, I am loath to put fingers to the keyboard, yet I have a writing groove on. What to next I think, noticing that there is no post up yet at the DRoom. That’s ok my day is tomorrow I think. Or is it. Quickly I check the schedule and lo, the reason for no post is it is my day! I have written the post I intended to, which deals with potential centralised services for my little group of themed posts on a New Zealand Public Library.

I am thinking that will need a bit of time and consideration, and really I should have written it earlier in the month.  Hence this post. Which is unashamed filler. My second of the month. 😦

So I would like to say a little something about trying to do a post a month, even when sharing the load with other bloggers. It’s very difficult and I respect those who have managed it.  But really sometimes everyday life interferes and you end up with something else.  Which is this. Right now Dolly has been changed to the Wiggles, and I NEED to write some more of my second novel which is now behind schedule. I am very close to finishing the first draft and start editing.  So until Wednesday when my last post is due I will leave you with some gratuitous advertising. Yes I am finishing with some shame less self promotion. My first novel, The Spiral Tattoo, is due out at the end of the coming week, and you can pre-order now!

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I have done a couple of writing for the web courses and both of them have told me the same thing.

That you want to have lots of good white space on the right side of the screen. To do this they tell us that you should only justify the left hand margin and not the right. This is meant to make the page look nice for people to read. My problem is that I look at posts and pages like that and think how unprofessional. Nice neat justified margins on both sides of the text signifies to me that the editor has taken the time to tidy up the page. Below this post is one where I haven’t justified both sides, while this one is aligned fully. 🙂

Which do you prefer? Is it just me being overly tidy? I am trying to work out in my head whether I should just go with what the course writers say or work to what I like. 😆

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I blame the date, work, life, in fact the universe for the fact that on Day13, when I am due to put forward another missive of editorial importance, I have nothing.

Well actually that isn’t strictly true; I do indeed have something I just haven’t started it yet. So you will have to wait for later in the week for my next badly argued post around the NZPL.

For those of you who have commented – I am holding off responding as I intend to do a roundup type post at the end and refer back to comments.

Meanwhile I think there is enough to read out there on copyright… Or is that copywrong?

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I’m posting this now so that I can maintain my contribution to the effort whilst deferring the actual work. Thus, TROID (an acronym I hate, by the way) gets to have its contributor posting on the correct day, but I get to feel I deliver something more effective.

So tomorrow I shall communicate some of my thoughts around the just-enacted copyright law and libraries, emphasising the need to educate the public around not just copyright but differing models – how to identify content released by creators who do not aim a punitive system against reusers.

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First up, sorry for the silent treatment folks. It’s been a bit hectic in my neck of the woods, and I just haven’t found the time to write a blog post. Hopefully that will change soon. 🙂 I wonder if I should do a meme post 😆

Anyhow, I am attending the National Digital Forum over the next two days, so that should give me lots of food for thought. I was with the nice folk of DigitalNZ this afternoon, and over a nice feed of pizza, and with plenty of coffee, there was a great discussion on how DigitalNZ is going. There was quite a diverse group of people at the informal session and that lent to some very interesting discussions!

Not having any technology for twittering meant I felt a little unconnected, but that was probably a good thing…

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All’s Quiet On The Library Front

I have found myself recently in the unusual position of having nothing much to say. Maybe it’s the weather 😆

So anyway have a look at this…

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