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In case you missed it:

Queens Service’s medal – Rosalie Helen Blake, Levin, for services to the library profession.

Congratulations Rosalie ūüôā


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Our own Joann Ransom, from Horowhenua¬†District Libraries has been named one of Library Journal’s 2010 Movers & Shakers. She is the first Kiwi to make this prestigious award. Well done. ūüôā

Joann Ransom, Horowhenua Library Trust, Levin, New Zealand

For the People New Zealand’s Horowhenua¬†community‚ÄĒa district of 30,00090 minutes north of Wellington‚ÄĒhad a problem. Its many historical societies and museums were struggling. Content wasn’t getting online, valuable historical and cultural information was staying locked up in people’s heads, and volunteers, ready to offer a host of skills and services, were going untapped.

But the community had two resources critical to a solution: the Horowhenua Library Trust, which was valued as a leader in the district, and Joann Ransom, then deputy head of libraries and an early advocate of what would emerge in 2006 as ‚ÄúKete Horowhenua,‚ÄĚ a community-built digital library of arts, cultural, and heritage resources.

Kete‚ÄĒthe Maori word for knowledge‚ÄĒis a digital repository that includes images, video, audio, documents, article, discussion threads, and more, both historical and contemporary. ‚ÄúIt had to look gorgeous but not intimidating…be self-maintaining and monitoring as far as possible, with no layer of library expertise needed,‚ÄĚ Ransom says.

Most important, the people would decide what they wanted to include, and the project would harness the community’s expertise¬†as recorders, photographers, memoirists, catalogers, and scanners. ‚ÄúIt had to facilitate¬†the building and strengthening of relationships, not just among items in Kete but among people as well.‚ÄĚ

It also needed to use open source tools and be released‚ÄĒno surprise as Horowhenua¬†was behind the development of¬†Koha, the world’s first open source library management system.

Today, Ransom is an international advocate for Kete‚ÄĒin addition to her day job as the director. Following in the footsteps of Koha, new Ketes are starting to spring up worldwide, including one for Auckland’s Chinese community and another geographic Kete in Orange County, FL.

For Ransom, Kete doesn’t just open the library to the community; it allows the community to transform the library. ‚ÄúOur people…work alongside us, they bring us knowledge we don’t have…[they] are fabulous ambassadors of the library.‚ÄĚ

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While I am reposting emails, that I think deserve a wider viewing, here is one that with my LIANZA regional chair hat I thought I should promote.

Actually I would love to be¬†involved, however I think not being¬†a children’s librarian rather precludes me from the awards team. ūüė¶

LIANZA is calling for Expressions of Interest for the 2010 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards Judging Panels.


The LIANZA Children’s Book Awards are judged by a panel of New Zealand children’s librarians. These awards are an opportunity for the library profession to encourage the quality work of New Zealand children’s authors who help individuals, and thereby communities, to flourish and grow.

LIANZA is proud of its part in setting high standards for writers, who value these awards immensely.


The LIANZA Children’s Book Awards consist of four awards (official criteria below):

The Esther Glen Award recognises a distinguished contribution to literature for children by a New Zealand author. This prestigious award is New Zealand’s oldest and has been awarded by LIANZA since 1944. It commemorates New Zealand children’s author and Editor Esther Glen, who was considered the best female journalist in New Zealand in her time.

The LIANZA Young Adult Fiction Award The launch of this new award in LIANZA’s centenary year recognises a distinguished contribution to literature for children and young adults, by an author who is a citizen of New Zealand.

The Russell Clark Award is awarded to an illustrator or artist for the most distinguished pictures or illustrations for a children’s book, with or without text. The award is named for renowned New Zealand illustrator Russell Clark.

The Elsie Locke Award (previously the LIANZA Young People’s Non-fiction Award) is given to the New Zealand author of a book that is considered to be a distinguished contribution to non-fiction for young people. In 2001, after receipt of a generous bequest, the award was renamed in memory of Elsie Locke; writer, historian and leader in peace movements and women’s affairs.

Te Kura Pounamu is awarded to the New Zealand author of a book that is considered to be a distinguished contribution to literature for children or young people in te reo Maori and promotes excellence of library resources in Maori.

All the awards have a long history, with the most recent being Te Kura Pounamu which was introduced in 1995.


LIANZA is seeking expressions of Interests for the following appointments:

Judging Panel Members (2)       Esther Glen, LIANZA Young Adult, Russell Clark and Elsie Locke

Judging Panel Members (2)       Te Kura Pounamu


  • To manage the judging and provision of the shortlist for the set category as allocated within the Judging Panel;
    • To provide communications, shortlist reports and final judging of the Awards to the set program deadlines set in collaboration with the Children‚Äôs Book Awards Coordinator;
  • LIANZA will cover the cost of a judge for each award to present at the 2009 Children‚Äôs Book Awards Presentation to be held in Wellington, August 2009.

The term of appointment is from March 2010 to September 2010. 

Expressions of interest are sought from LIANZA members. The final decision will be made by the LIANZA National Council in consultation with the Children’s Book Awards Coordinator.

Applications close 16th February 2010.

Please apply in confidence to;

The Children’s Book Awards Coordinator

Wendy Walker


PO Box 12-212


New Zealand


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I know. Another LIANZA¬†post, but when your on one of the Regional Committees, there comes a time for promotion. ūüôā

Anyway, the call for nominations for the Professional Awards has come out. So if you know anyone who you think deserves a fellowship, or one of the other awards¬†put them forwards. Contact your regional council for help if you need it.¬†And if you think your ready to take the next step and apply for the Associateship, then¬†start getting your supporting documentation ready ūüôā ¬†

LIANZA is once again calling for nominations and applications for LIANZA Professional Awards and now is the time to think about:

  • Putting yourself forward to be recognised as an Associate;
  • Noticing the achievements of others and support them to put themselves forward¬†for the recognition of Associate;
  • Working with others to nominate your colleagues for an award of Fellow, Letter of Recognition or a Merit Award; or
  • Nominating yourself or a colleague for the NEW Award of Merit ‚Äď Digital Services¬†

The closing date for these awards is WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH 2010.  Follow the links below to read the full criteria and download application forms information for each award.


An Associate of LIANZA is awarded to a personal member of the Association of 5 years who has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, judgement, attitude and commitment of a professional Librarian or Information Manager.



A fellowship is the highest level of professional attainment awarded by the Association. It is only awarded to a personal member of the Association of 10 years who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of librarianship and/or information management through a sustained record of achievements, or who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of leadership, teaching or research.



The recipient of a LIANZA Letter of Recognition is an individual or organisation who/which has rendered a significant and special service to the Association, or demonstrated continuing service over a period of time to the Association, or made an outstanding contribution to librarianship, libraries or information management New Zealand. A certificate is awarded to the successful nominee.



The recipient of the Joint Letter of Recognition for Bicultural Development within New Zealand Aotearoa is an individual, group or organization who has rendered a significant and special bicultural service to the library and information profession within New Zealand, Aotearoa, or demonstrated commitment to biculturalism over a period of time to the profession, or made an outstanding contribution bi-culturally to librarianship, libraries or information management in New Zealand. The recipient need not be a member of LIANZA. http://www.lianza.org.nz/development/awards/professional/jlorbiculturaldev.html   


Awarded to personal members of the Association who has contributed in an outstanding manner to library and/or information services in the area of marketing in New Zealand. http://www.lianza.org.nz/development/awards/professional/meritmktg.html   


Awarded to personal members of the Association who have contributed in an outstanding manner to library and/or information services in the area of management in New Zealand. 


Awarded to a personal member of the Association who has contributed in an outstanding manner to library and/or information services in the area of digital library service development in New Zealand.

The closing date for all awards listed above is WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH 2010, if you have any questions about any of the above LIANZA Awards or to check the length of your membership please contact the LIANZA Office: office@lianza.org.nz or 04 473 5834


Applications and nominations for other LIANZA awards are also open, closing dates are below. Further communications and details will be emailed to remind you of these closing dates over coming weeks.

Monday 31 May 2010 РEdith Jessie Carnell Travelling Scholarship, Ada Fache Fund, John Harris Award, Rua Mano Award

Wednesday 30 June 2010 Р3M Award for Innovation in Libraries, YBP / Lindsay Croft Award for Collection Management, Nielsen BookData Research Award, Paul Szentirmay Special Librarianship Scholarship 

For further information visit – http://www.lianza.org.nz/development/awards/index.html

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