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The lovely people at APNK (Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa) twitted the video below, and I was struck once again how caught up with technical jargon people can be.

The poster had this too say: “Originally, I planned on having kids tell me about how they used Web 2.0 technolgies in school, but when I saw their reaction to my question, that they clearly had no idea what a Web 2.0 was – by name, at lease, I realized I had stumbled onto a fascinating little bit of information. Web 2.0 is so innate to digital natives, that they can’t even identify it by name!”

My reaction was why should they? Web 2.0 is very much a techno/jargon term, which outside of tech geeks and information professionals, probably hasn’t entered common parlance. I don’t think that has anything to do with being a “digital native”. I doubt if you went into a university library or public library and asked non-digital natives if they knew what Web2.0 was they could tell you, just as I doubt they could tell you what Social Media is, no matter how much they use…


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