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Here is the winning entry. You should watch it.



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This probably isn’t worth a whole post, however perhaps this could be my one filler-post that I don’t think about a helluvalot prior to writing.

Thank you to Sean for sharing this link on Twitter. Hooo it’s a gem people!

A brilliant ‘resource’ found on the internets that helps the Mills and Boon writers come up with titles for their writers, the “Random Romance Novel Title Generator” speaks (and pays) for itself.

Click “Get me a title!” and one is delivered instantly.

I wonder what way it works for the Mills and Boon and romance publishers.  Does the title come first then the book?  I think that’d work quite well.  Quite like some story starter cards that NZ post produced last year for the Children’s book awards, print versions of these basically.

Anyway.  Behold, the Random Romance Novel Title Generator!

Screenshot of Random Romance Novel Title Generator

Other than the shoddy html look, it’s a real gem.  Just goes to show, sometimes the content is more important than the design.  Sometimes.

Some awesome one’s generated so far by the Diligent Room writing team:

The Highland Pirate’s Anarcho-Syndicalist Feminist

The Scottish Vampire’s Insatiable Nurse

The Pacific Islander Outlaw’s Besotted Fishmongeress

The Peorian Cowboy’s Feminist Dragon Lady

The Samoan Merchant’s Bodacious Secretary

As a side note, Sean and I saw that Māori were not represented in this database, (Samoan and other Pacific Islanders are). This is what he wrote to the developer, Patrick Bahls:

Hi there,

I’ve been sharing this tool with my New Zealand library colleagues, and we have a request:

Please can the ethnicity database be updated to include our indigenous people, Māori, if it does not already do so.  We would like to see titles such as “The Maori Billionaire’s Reluctant Bride” in the interests of international harmony.

Kind regards,

Sean Murgatroyd

Try it now (Random Romance Novel Title Generator) and post your favourite!


Add on 21 Jun: Sean got his answer, and Moata struck gold with the race to come across the first Maori in a romance novel title:

Māori romance title


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I Want As A Poster

I really like this… I want it as a print/poster 😆

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All’s Quiet On The Library Front

I have found myself recently in the unusual position of having nothing much to say. Maybe it’s the weather 😆

So anyway have a look at this…

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As you know I am really impressed with the concept behind Waimakariri Libraries Twitter account First_Lines, where they take the first line of a book and tweet it with a link back to the catalog.

In fact I am so impressed I asked if they would mind if I used it on the Tararua Library Twitter account. They, being lovely collegial people said yes. In fact we had an idea to make it a challenge. Let see what first lines libraries can find. So for all you library tweeters out there, tweet the first line of a book with a link back to your catalog. Include the hastag #firstlines and lets see how many like the same ones, how many bad ones there are and how many good ones!

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Pirate Hat Wednesday

My crazy Twitter friends have decreed today is Pirate Hat Wedesday (for no particular reason).  It’s not too late to join in!

See Ruth’s post for the “rules”.

Here’s my Mini-pirate hat:


Aarrrrrr, I fergot me patch!


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So it’s library week.

We like everywhere else will be holding a number of events to mark the occasion.

Despite being a little skeptical at first, I think I sort of like the “was surprised” theme for this week. 🙂

so in keeping with the theme I had a question.

As librarians, what question/request has most surprised you?

There are so many, but one that sticks in my mind was recently being asked to write an update on Facebook for someone. It was the strangest conversation trying to explain that I couldn’t write their update for them as it was meant to be their thoughts….

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