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What To Read Locally

The first thing I wanted to do when refreshing this blog was to look at what reading I could find for local issues. My head has been firmly stuck in a narrow realm of the Library would (Digital Preservation) and I think I should get back to looking more widely if I am going to blog more regularly here.

For local reading we have a few resources.

LIANZA produces a monthly newsletter called LibraryLife. They also, in conjunction with the School of Information Management from Victoria University of Wellington, help publish the New Zealand Library Information Management Journal. Both contain good example’s of library reading.

Victoria University also makes available online the various research papers from the students who study library science. There are three collection, the Masters of Information Systems, The Masters of Information Management and the Masters of Library ans Information Science.

What we don’t do well, which I think is a shame, is publish papers presented at the Library conferences over the years.


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