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With the cuts to library staff in Auckland the future of libraries is in the media again. This morning there was a very good discussion on Radio NZ around this.

“Victoria University professor of library and information management Anne Goulding and Laurinda Thomas, a past president of LIANZA and a team leader at Wellington Libraries, join Wallace to discuss the future of public lending libraries.”


Laurinda and Anne were very patient with Wallace who seemed surprised that people still like to use libraries. *sigh*

Laurinda has done an excellent job recently in advocating for libraries and if you have missed her TEDX Wellington talk you should take the time to watch.


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Phoenix-FabelwesenA number of years ago myself and a number of colleagues starting this blog to write about library stuff. It was very much in the late early stages of Web 2.0 where we were all energised by the connectivity of the Internet. There was possibility in the air.

As you can tell by looking at the posts we had ran out of steam. Every now and then I come to the blog and read though and contemplate what went wrong. Did life just become to busy for us all? Was there nothing more to said? Is the library world that uninteresting? Or is it just we didn’t have anything to say.

Personally I am starting to blog again on my own blog, and as I do this I return to this blog. Is there things I can do? The answer is yes.

So I am going to attempt to blog once or twice a week again here. I’m not sure what I will write on but I’m going to turn my mind to it.

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