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In the first week of semester we launched a new collection at MPOW.  The Recreational Reading collection was put together in response to the TEC initiative to enhance literacy skills.  We hope that by providing reading for pleasure alongside course related content, that our students and staff will develop their literacy capability.

We’ve been soliciting recommendations from our students and staff for a while so that the collection represents the diversity in taste and genre of our client base.  So far, the graphic novel seems to be getting a lot of attention.

A bunch of us dressed up for the occasion and got out into the Hub to pimp the new collection.  We took along some of the books, a laptop and a barcode scanner to issue any books if necessary.  (That turned out to be the vast sum of 3)!

The team at the stall in the Hub

(That’s me as Lizzie Bennet you know).

It will be interesting to see how it all develops!

book stack

Some of the Recreational Reading


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The Big Snow

The big snow has blanketed the country and the impact has been felt far and wide. Waking up at 5am Monday morning  I decided it would not be safe to drive to work. Luckily for me my employers and boss at Victoria are understanding and flexible, so I have been allowed to work from home. Not for the first time I am grateful I don’t have desk/contact hours in my schedule.

Lots of libraries have closed either fully or moved to reduced hours. It’s a good thing that many of us now have so many resources available online, and that there have been options for our users to continue to use us even when stuck at home.

Anyhow here is a pic from my place 🙂  Maybe my fellow Diligent Roomers can post their favourite pics from the Big Snow…

A tramp in snow....

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Add fun to your library

I seriously want this slide in my library

This slide has been installed by the stairway at the newly renovated railway station Overvecht in the city of Utrecht.  I love the Dutch name for it, which translates into “transfer accelerator”.  It would add a “fun” element into our space!  Just don’t talk to me about OHS…

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It must be that time of year again, as libraries battle councils feeling the money crunch.

User-pay income rise needed at the library From the Gisborne Herald

LIBRARY users could be asked to put their hands in their pockets to help maintain the service and could be called on to have their share of library costs increased to 15 or 20 percent.

Some parts that just had me steaming…

“As calls were made at the committee meeting yesterday for the H.B. Williams Memorial Library to increase its revenue, chairman Brian Wilson said he was looking at a scheme that had not been tried anywhere else in the country.”

Ok lets hear it…

“Referring to an article on the library on the front page of The Gisborne Herald Weekender last Saturday, he said the efficiency committee might have to consider holding its meetings with the public excluded to prevent people from undermining it.”

Gosh you wouldn’t want the public to have a say in how their money is spent would you…

“Mr Wilson said he and Graeme Thomson had some ideas for raising more income from the library. A fee of 50 cents to $1 for books could raise a worthwhile sum of money. Children’s books could be excluded.”

We have never seen that before… I will scurry off and see if there is any literature on that topic later today.

“Graeme Thomson said the library could be compared with sports fields, for which clubs had to pay a rental. The library had been described as the living room of the community. Many people would say Rugby Park on a Saturday afternoon was that.”

Not really. The Rugby park is the deck you use on the weekend.

“Both Mr Thomson and Mr Haisman challenged the statement that 5000 people a week visited the library, saying they had never seen it even half full.”

And words start to fail me… That is only 104 people an hour… I know how big Gisborne library is and it would be easy to have that many people in there and it to seem “half full”… 

“Mr Thomson said he believed the library could use volunteers more. He had seen that done in Opotiki when he was young, Librarian Pene Walsh, who joined the meeting said the library already had 40 volunteers and was carrying out a volunteer drive.”

Poor Pene…

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