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I Want As A Poster

I really like this… I want it as a print/poster 😆


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Coming through the email inbox today was an email from Penny Carnaby to the NZ-Libs list informing us that she is stepping down as National Librarian and Chief Executive of the National Library.

I would just like to send out a thank you to Penny, as she has been a tireless advocate for libraries over her tenure as National Librarian. Not only has she been passionate about libraries, but she has also been forward thinking in driving the Digital Strategies of the National Library. I found my self nodding in agreement to a lot of her speeches, especially when Penny has discussed the Delete Generation.

I wish her the best in her future endeavours.  I also wonder if she would be interested in blogging and if a cheeky invitation to the blogging community would be well received 🙂


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With just over a week until I finish and head off to Victoria University I have been busy beavering away trying to clear my back-log, and to leave documentation on what I have been doing. It is time for the exit plan to take effect! As is often the way when you leave work, there are lot of tasks that will just flow onto the next person, however there are many other tasks that may not. Especially when the driver for that work is you.

I am particularly thinking of our Social Media strategy. It would be fair to say that I have driven our blog, Twitter, Facebook presence. It would also be fair to say that I have been less than successful in promoting buy-in from colleagues.  Being aware that it may be difficult to replace me with someone with similar skills and passions (and that that may not even be desirable), I am worried that what I have built over the last three years might just fade and die. The social media tasks will be built into the job description for whoever replaces me, but for them it might take a lower priority.

I think the best I can do is leave lots of documentation, and also to offer my assistance. But that will be the hardest part of leaving. Letting go.


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Over the weekend I volunteered at the Wellington Zinefest. Sounds noble I know but getting to hang out amongst such delicious, tender, disturbing, funny and clever products of the human brain is reward in itself- the various freebies didn’t hurt! Plus I like to draw a little myself.


Somehow this all reminded me of an ABC Artworks podcast I listened to a few months ago on NAWLZ– an award winning online comic that’s pushing the boundaries of storytelling and the reader-writer relationship. Fascinating stuff.

Arriving at work this morning, I discover that there’s also a great pulp fiction exhibition running at my sister library down in Dunedin. The online exhibition will have to suffice for me, sadly, but looks a treat to visit. Is up until 10/12 so LIANZA conference attendees won’t miss out- enjoy!

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30 November-02 December 2011

This inaugural conference will

focus on eLearning strategy, policy, pedagogy, research, technology and practice.  We promise an interdisciplinary programme, promoting leading edge, rigorous academic thinking and will offer ample opportunity for stimulating debate.

We also invite submissions for papers, colloquia, workshops and posters on the following major conference themes:

  • eLearning for languages
  • eLearning policy and strategy
  • technologies for eLearning
  • eLearning pedagogies

We hope you will join us for one of the most technologically innovative and essential eLearning experiences of 2011 and take advantage of the unique opportunity to network with key stakeholders in eLearning thinking.

For more information on the conference and submissions, please check our website www.icelf.org

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It’s no secret… I love chrome! This is a brilliant list for anyone who writes things for the web… Google Chrome extensions for Web Design Students. While you’re at it, check out this list from earlier in the year, 10 Google Chrome extensions for boosting your productivity. The user comments are a goldmine, also!


P.S. the crazy-silly-cute image above is from the blog ChromeStory

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In a case of too much to share, this came bouncy along the cyberwaves today. I’d agree with every slide…

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