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Since last Sunday I have been contemplating today’s post and next Mondays.  I had a plan for this week and I thought that I would prepare a short post for next Monday as I will be conferencing. During my thinking and dithering, I came to the conclusion that what I was going to write for this week, a look at the conference program and what I will most likely be attending, would actually be better suited for going up next week on the first day of conference.

So now I am back to thinking about what I should write about this week. I was considering doing a “What I Read” post, reviewing one of the blogs out their, like The Librarian In Black or Stephens Lighthouse. I was also considering whether anyone would be interested in a review of some of the non library but book related blogs I read like Beatties Book Blog or The SciFy Guy.  But then I realised there would be a small problem with that.

You see, I do read these sites, some more than others, but not as much as I would like. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment for me to read what I want to read, or do, between work, books, blogs, shows and being with the family. Some of that is of course a matter of priorities; I probably shouldn’t spend so much time reading dodgy political blogs when on the computer. 🙂

I have at various points tried using a RSS feed reader like Bloglines and Google Reader to manage my feeds, but I have never really got into the habit, and they always seems like more work than necessary.

So my question to you, is how do you manage your reading? How high is library reading on your priority list? Do you use blog aggregators?

While pondering that, I will leave you with the “Did you Know 4.0” video update of Shift Happens.


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